Mag. Sabine Hofstötter 205 246 betacreation

Mag. Sabine Hofstötter

“Each of us has strengths and potential that we forget in everyday life. As part of our coaching, Birgit Hayn helped me in an extremely pleasant and well-founded way to make this more visible to me again. In this way,…

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Dr. Sigrid Lenk-Kubelka 924 1024 betacreation

Dr. Sigrid Lenk-Kubelka

“Organizational development and complex management tasks require a clear view and a cool head. Birgit Hayn’s coaching approach, which builds on personal potential in an appreciative manner and at the same time professionally focuses on the essentials, has helped me…

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Katharina Gerhards 827 827 betacreation

Katharina Gerhards

“Ms. Hayn is an empathetic, friendly and extremely competent person. During the process of my professional reorientation, she accompanied me very sensitively. With her calm and goal-oriented nature, she worked with me on my beliefs and teased out my strengths,…

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Tina Braun 1007 1024 betacreation

Tina Braun

“Ms. Hayn and I met last year as part of our coaching training at the INHESA Institute in Berlin. In numerous coaching sessions, I have come to appreciate Ms. Hayn as a highly professional, structured and very empathetic person. I…

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Julia Kral 972 839 betacreation

Julia Kral

“Birgit brings a holistic and clear view to her coaching. I was able to work with her specifically on my vision and the next important steps – always with a focus on my mental and physical well-being.”

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U. Bauer 150 150 betacreation

U. Bauer

“The coaching with Birgit was extremely helpful in a professional situation that was very challenging for me. With her precise analysis of my situation and her empathetic manner, she helped me a lot to focus on my strengths again. Birgit…

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